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Is Augmented Reality the future of construction?

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If there's one lesson to be learnt during the last few months - it is that we cannot deny the use of technology moving forward. COVID-19 has propelled the world to embrace the use of digital tools and forcing many industries to take a better look into how they can utilize it for efficiency and productivity.

Just like many family businesses, going digital takes a little bit more than just making a website and having a presence, it is also about convincing the older generation to take the plunge. My brother took over KHC years ago and with that, invoices were no more type-written using an old typewriter, documents are now stored in shared drives with a file system and we have a web presence. There was nothing wrong with the previous way of workin but there was just a need to move with future.

Heeding the nations' call for digitization, it got me thinking of how our small business can benefit from all the resources? Can we use VR (virtual reality) to simulate a physical presence in a construction side for the client? 360° video tour so that site meetings between different parties can be done remotely? AR (Augmented Reality) to 'see' through walls, allowing workers to view spatial relationships more accurately and identify mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) clashes sooner. There are so many possibilities, so stay tuned with us as we explore some of this for our projects in the future. Contact us if you have any ideas for us.

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